Human Beliefs and Values in Striding Asia  East Asia in Focus

Takashi Inoguchi, Akihiko Tanaka, Shigeto Sonoda, Timur Dadabaev

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Foreword (Peter Katzenstein)
Preface (Takashi Inoguchi)
Acknowledgements (Takashi Inoguchi, Akihiko Tanaka, Shigeto Sonoda and Timur Dadabaev)
List of Contributors
Fact Sheet

PART I  Country Profile Analysis
Introduction: Human Beliefs and Values in Striding Asia: The AsiaBarometer Survey of 2004(Takashi Inoguchi)
Chapter 1
 Japan: Urban Values and Lifestyles (Timur Dadabaev and Akihiko Tanaka)
Chapter 2
 Korea: Lives and Civic Virtue in Transition (Daesong Hyun)
Chapter 3
 China: The Evaluation of the Material and Mental Foundations for a Harmonious Society (Dingping Guo)
Chapter 4
 Vietnam: Economic Development and Improvement of Living Standard (Do Manh Hong)
Chapter 5
  Myanmar: Life and Well-Being from a Comparative Sociocultural Perspective (Myat Thein)
Chapter 6
 Laos: Lao Society As It Is (Bounlouane Douangngeune)
Chapter 7
 Cambodia: Beliefs and Perceptions in a Postconflict Society (Kheang Un)
Chapter 8
 Thailand: Democracy and the Power of a Popular Leader (Chaiwat Khamchoo and Aaron Stern)
Chapter 9
  Malaysia: High Satisfaction and Political Conservatism in a Culturally Bounded Society (Johan Saravanamuttu)
Chapter 10
 Singapore: A Globalized Social Life under Soft Authoritarian Rule (Shigeto Sonoda)
Chapter 11
 Indonesia: The Paradox of Change (Pratikno and I Ketut Putra Erawan)
Chapter 12
 Philippines: Political Mood and Socioeconomic Timbre (Lydia N. Yu-Jose)
Chapter 13
 Brunei: The Living Conditions, Preferences, and Concerns (Hj Hamzah Sulaiman and Zen-U Lucian Hotta)

PART II  Cross-Cultural Thematic Analysis
Chapter 14
 Quantifying Satisfaction: The Case of Urban ASEAN+3 in AsiaBarometer 2004(Takashi Inoguchi and Zen-U Lucian Hotta)
Chapter 15
 The Culture of Happiness and Satisfaction in Asia (Kazufumi Manabe)
Chapter 16
 How Would You Like to See Your Son and Daughter Grow Up? (Takashi Inoguchi and Kensuke Okada)
Chapter 17
 Citizens' Evaluations of Political Rights in Asia (Matthew Carlson)
Chapter 18
 Finding a Path toward Regional Integration in East Asia (Akiko Fukushima and Misa Okabe)

PART III  AsiaBarometer Sourcebook
Field Reports
Tables and Figures
Index of Questionnaire